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How to add a new business

  • Adding a new business to your Proinvoice account is simple. On the menu bar (where the existing business name is), tap on the business name dropdown and select “Add New Business”.
  • You will then be taken to a page where you will be required to fill in the business details (Business name, Category, and Currency) of the new business.
  • Then click on ‘Proceed’ to add the new business.

Deleting Business​

  • To delete a business, On the left menu, go to Business Settings, select “Delete Business” on the top-right of the business settings page, and then confirm your decision to completely delete the business, you are currently logged into.

NB: All invoices, customers, and other associated data are also deleted when a business is deleted. This decision will not be changeable upon confirmation.

Payment Integration

  • ProInvoice supports paystack as the payment gateway for online payment. To set up the payment integration, you will need to have an existing account with the payment provider available (paystack), and once you know your access keys for the provider (paystack), you can set up the payment gateway in your ProInvoice account.
  • To access the payment integration, on the left menu bar, go to settings / business / payment.
  • Select the payment gateway, “add account”, enter all the required details and “activate”
  • Once everything is set up, your contacts will be able to make online payments right from your invoice.

NB: ProInvoice is only the middle-man, we do not charge any or additional transaction fees on the fees charged by the payment gateway.

Adding a team member

  • On the left menu bar, click Settings / Team / New User, enter all the necessary details tof the new user and click “add user”. An email with login instructions will be sent to the user’s email address you supplied once this form has been successfully submitted

ROLES: Three different team member categories are available, and each one can only be connected to a single established business in your Proinvoice account:

  • Admin: In addition to invoicing, the admin user has the ability to modify your business settings and carry out all administrative activities on the account.
  • User: This user is limited to only invoicing. They won’t be able to make changes to the settings of the business account and cannot carry out all administrative activities on the account
  • Viewer: This user can only view the activity related to your invoice and it is read-only.

Manage a team member

  • Managing a team member provides the leverage to change each user’s permission roles and details. To manage the team, on the left menu bar go to settings>teams then choose from the list of team members added to your business that you would like to modify. Proceed to either update the existing user details (Name, Phone number, email address, and role) or to “Remove User” permanently.

Upgrade Plan

  • Please select “Upgrade Plan” from the left menu bar if you want to upgrade your ProInvoice plan.
  • After that, you’ll be directed to a page with a list of ProInvoice plans, select the plan of your choice, either choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription and “Subscribe”. Follow the payment procedure and you would be redirected to a “Account Upgraded” page after a successful upgrade


  • In order to view details about your subscriptions, payments and also make changes to your subscription plan, auto renewal settings and payment method, simply navigate to the settings / billings on the menu bar.

Deactivate Account

  • To deactivate your account, go to Settings on the menu bar and click “Deactivate Account”.

NB: Deactivating your account means that all information, businesses, invoices, contacts and other data that are tied to your account would be removed completely from the ProInvoice system. This action will not be reversible upon confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

ProInvoice allows you to create invoice, send invoice, set recurring invoices, auto-reminder, and a dashboard for financial reporting and documentation of all incomes. With ProInvoice, you can also track when an invoice is viewed, invoice due dates, and payment status. With our additional payment solution, clients can make payments in a couple of clicks.

We take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices when a customer enters, register, submits, or accesses their information to maintain the safety of their personal information. Our website is scanned via malware scanning regularly to tackle security lapses and vulnerabilities to ensure that your visit to our website is safe.

ProInvoice is suitable for anyone who:

  • Wants to customise and send invoices with their unique business name, business logo, etc.
  • Wants to be able to track when their invoices are viewed by customers.
  • Wants to automatically send invoice reminders to their customers.
  • Wants to send scheduled recurring invoices to customers.
  • Wants to collate advanced and beautiful reports for their business.


Yes, we have available options to ensure you can receive payment with ease. With ProInvoice, you can accept bank transfers, credit cards and a variety of payment methods right away, and let customers pay directly from your invoice – even on their phone. For proper documentation, you get to record payments made offline.