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Can You Create Invoices for Free?

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The crucial question business owners and small-scale service providers just starting out need answers to is whether they can create invoices for free.

Business people and small-scale service providers are bound to seek an affordable means of creating invoices.

You can compose invoices without spending any significant amount of money.

This goal can be achieved through various means, such as using free invoicing software like ProInvoice and creating your invoice with spreadsheet or word applications (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Word).

Also, you can write or type your invoice manually with a pen or typewriter. You have to choose a free invoice creation method that works best for you; invoicing software has been proven to be the most effective.

The first invoices were created thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, an ancient region now encompassing present-day Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Turkey and Syria.

These primal invoices were made from clay tablets and allowed Mesopotamian merchants to conduct their business smoothly.

Since then, invoices have been created with various tools with each passing generation, including paper letters, printing machines, typewriters, e-Invoicing, spreadsheet and word applications, and, more recently, invoicing software. 

How Can You Create Invoices for Free With Invoicing Software? 

If you wish to create a professional invoice for your business for free, your best bet is to employ reliable free invoicing software.

Invoicing software allows you to choose from various free already-made invoice templates and use them to prepare your own invoice.

You can also design custom invoices to make your brand recognizable to your customers or clients. To create your invoice from scratch with invoicing software, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Fill in your business information (business name, address, phone number, and email address) and logo (if any) at the top of your invoice to create your invoice header. 
  • Enter your customer’s contact information. 
  • Input your invoice information– with a specific invoice number and the invoice issue date. 
  • State your payment terms. 
  • List the goods sold or services rendered in an orderly fashion with the date, quantity/hours, cost, and subtotal. 
  • Include the applicable taxes and tax information. 
  • Add explanatory and appreciation notes. 

When formulating a customized invoice, it’s important to apply the right invoice format.

Here’s the proper invoice arrangement

  • Your business information should serve as the invoice header at the top of the invoice. 
  • Your customer/client’s billing information should be clearly written below your business information. 
  • The invoice information, issue date, and payment due date should be stated beside your client’s billing information. 
  • The invoice total should be boldly written at the top of the invoice for the client to see it easily. 
  • Itemize the list of goods or services you sold or rendered with a short description, quantity supplied or hours spent, rate, and subtotal. 
  • Finally, put down the total amount due, applicable taxes, and additional notes at the bottom of the invoice. 

Why Should You Create Your Invoices With an Invoicing Software? 

Utilizing invoicing software is the most effective way to build invoices for free because of its numerous benefits.

Invoicing software facilitates faster payments, saves time and the cost of manpower, is easy to use, improves your brand identity, decreases paperwork, prevents human errors and conflicts, and automates the overall invoicing and billing process.

Additionally, it helps you manage your financial activities and cash flow, enhances security, makes your commerce more organized, and makes it easier to access old and new invoices.

Online invoicing enables you to send invoices and payment reminders to your clients/customers before the end of the due date.

It also eliminates the need for envelopes, papers, stamps, and storage facilities, thus helping you to save costs.

Furthermore, invoicing software makes it easier to identify invoices that have been sent, paid, or those with outstanding payments without disturbing your clients with emails.

With invoicing software, you can create and access your invoices with your smartphone, PC, and tablet anytime anywhere.

Invoicing software makes it difficult for fraudulent individuals to falsify your invoices, reduces the risk of losing unsent and unpaid invoices, and prevents invoice-related miscalculations and disputes.

Using attractive free invoice templates to create your invoices and inserting your logo on your invoices can strengthen your brand identity.

Also, automating your invoicing process increases your business productivity and makes it easier to analyze your financial reports. 

How Can You Create Invoices With Microsoft Word? 

Microsoft Word provides free, useful, basic invoicing templates for individuals that intend to create a simple invoice.

Although the process of creating invoices with this platform isn’t as automated and user-friendly as using invoicing software, it’s a good first-time option.

Here’s how to create invoices with Microsoft Word: 

  • Open the Microsoft Word application. 
  • Click on “File” and select “New Form Template.” 
  • Search for “Invoice” using the search bar in the top right corner. 
  • Select an Invoice Template of your choice from the available options. 
  • Input your business information and logo in the invoice header. 
  • Enter your client’s contact information. 
  • Clearly state the invoice number, issue date, payment terms, and due date. 
  • Outline the services or goods you provided or sold with descriptions, quantity/hour, rates per item or hour, applicable taxes, and subtotals. 
  • Boldly write the total amount due in the invoice. 
  • Add a footer with any extra note, thank-you message, or explanation. 

You can use invoicing software to generate a more professional invoice than the invoices created with Microsoft Word.

Invoicing software is also a more secure option as it usually employs cloud storage which is less volatile than traditional storage. 

Is Writing an Invoice on Paper a Good Idea? 

Composing an invoice on paper may seem like an affordable option.

However, when you consider the fact that you’ll have to spend regularly on papers, envelopes, and postage, you’ll realize this method isn’t cost-effective.

Another disadvantage of this process is the increased demand for a significant workforce. Writing your invoices on paper also increases the risk of human errors, missing documents, and falsification.

Therefore, invoicing software is a more beneficial tool than ink/paper invoices. 

Bottom Line 

Thanks to free invoicing software, word and spreadsheet applications, and ink/paper, generating an invoice is more affordable than a balanced diet.

You can create professional invoices from scratch or already-made invoicing templates with invoicing software.

This method is the most beneficial way to create an invoice, and choosing an efficient invoicing software would enable you to reap its full benefits.

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