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Can I Invoice Without VAT? 

invoice without vat, business owner putting an invoice together in excel

Many business owners find invoicing or invoice without VAT to be a bit confusing, given the complexities involved with handling Value Added Tax (VAT) in this particular scenario. As a result of the often complex techniques surrounding invoicing, many business owners get a little confused when it comes to invoicing around special circumstances like Value […]

Can I invoice my own Company?

invoice my own company, man with two business preparing an invoice for his new business

One of the many reasons why you may be asking the question, ”Can i invoice my own company?” would likely be because you own different legal entities or work under an organization that has different subsidiaries. So, yes, you can invoice your own company. It is worthy to mention that this occurs frequently with Companies […]

How to Create Your First Invoice

create your first invoice, team working on a project and preparing their first invoice

After setting up a business, the next step is to source for clients, getting your first client means you’ll need to create your first invoice with hope of getting paid as a business owner. As far as invoicing is concerned, there are procedures you need to follow so that you do not present yourself as […]

Best way to invoice clients: The definitive guide (2023)

best way to invoice clients, woman confirming her invoices before sending

Adapting an invoicing method for getting payment in your business is great, but knowing the best way to invoice clients is most crucial. In this post, you will be walked through the process of sending an invoice to your clients in a very easy and efficient way… An invoice is a proof of binding transaction […]

How do i make a handwritten invoice? 

handwritten invoice, business owner writing on a notebook

Although handwritten invoice is no longer fashionable, there is chance that people still use them. As a small business owner, you understand that invoicing is an important factor of your operation. You are unlikely to get paid for your products or services without an effective invoicing and billing procedures. Apart from that, your company’s invoicing […]

How To Create Recurring Invoices For A Small Business

recurring invoices, man who forgot to set recurring invoices in deep thought

One of the simplest ways to organize your company’s billing and payment processes is to set up recurring invoices. If you have customers to whom you routinely supply the same service or goods, consider setting up recurring invoices for them. An automated recurring invoice system can save you much time and effort if regular customers […]

How to prepare an invoice and what format to use 

prepare an invoice, woman preparing an invoice before deciding the format to use

All successful business ventures would need to prepare an invoice at some point in order to keep track of their financial transactions. This helps to retain a complete record of all sales and purchases. An invoice is a well detailed document that contains the items or services rendered, the price of the transaction, and the […]

Should Invoices Be PDF Or Word: Which format is Best?

invoices be PDF or word, business owner using a word printed invoice

Wondering what format of invoice you should send or should invoices be PDF or word? Invoices are a very crucial piece of information when it comes to business. Keeping track of a payment process is a vital part of any business, and creating an invoice is an ideal way to get it done. Invoices are […]

How to Choose an Invoice Generator for Nonprofit Organisation

Invoice Generator for Nonprofit Organisation, team of nonprofits going over plans

In this article, we would get to talk about the standard practice for selecting an Invoice Generator for Nonprofit Organisation. Like you already know, invoices are typically used for requesting payment when a service is rendered, or a product is bought. However, nonprofit organisations can also benefit from using an invoice Generator. Unlike regular invoices […]

How to Choose an Invoice Generator for Startup Business

Invoice Generator for Startup Business, startup owner using an invoice generator

If you’re just starting, choosing an invoice generator for startup business can be a daunting task. Invoices for many years have changed the way people do business. It has evolved from the use of paper invoices to the use of invoicing software. Invoicing software automatically helps you generate and customize your invoices, add payment channels, […]