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The Top Invoice Templates for Your Small Business

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Having access to one of the top invoice templates for your business as a small business owner can be an early game-changer for your finances.

When running a small business, you have to juggle many moving parts. As a result, a wide variety of work comes with owning and running the business.

Some important business work includes customer service, managing the company’s finances, finding and employing qualified staff, expanding the business’ clientele, etc.

Spending less time on invoicing will help you focus on other important tasks, which might improve revenue inflow.

Therefore, your best bet is an invoicing system that provides quick access to various pre-made invoice formats.

In this article, we will discuss invoicing, the types of online invoicing systems available to small businesses, and the features of select online invoice generators. 

What is an Invoice? 

A service-based startup that tracks sales or communicates with its clientele to collect the payment but relies on mental calculations would only last for a while.

A successful business must have a consistent method of communicating with its clientele, detailing its services and how to collect payments.

A sales invoice is a business document that proves a seller has sold goods or services to a buyer. Therefore, the document itemizes items sold and the total amount due from the buyer.

Each invoice includes three main components: a detailed breakdown of the goods or services purchased by the client, an amount owed, and a preferred payment method.

For several reasons, the electronic version of an invoice is preferable for both the sender and the recipient.

Invoices may be used for a single transaction or to spread out payments over time, depending on what is agreed upon between the company and the client. 

What is an Invoice Template? 

With the right tools, you can streamline your invoicing process and get paid faster. One such tool is an invoice template.

An invoice template is a pre-designed document that you can use to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily.

These templates are designed to be easy to read, understand, and reflect your brand identity. 

How Can Using The Top Invoice Templates Help Your Business? 

As a small company owner, knowing when and how much money will be paid to you is a concern. Cash flow forecasting is, thus, essential, and invoicing plays a significant part in this.

You can better prepare for the future if you know how much money you expect from clients.

If you have a reliable invoicing system, you can also send out polished invoices quickly and get paid on time every time.

Top Invoice Templates for Your Small Business 

Whether you are looking for a simple invoice template or one that allows for more customization, you will find one that suits your business needs.

The following are five top invoice templates and some of their important features. 


One of the top invoice templates you should consider for your business is ProInvoice.

Using ProInvoice’s well-crafted free invoice template is a terrific way for small businesses to streamline their invoicing process.

The ProInvoice template is a great option for anyone with a strong technology experience due to its ease of use and customization.

One of ProInvoice’s strongest points is the variety of financial and business reports it can provide.

ProInvoice also allows you to include your company logo on invoices, enhancing brand recognition and providing a more polished presentation overall.

The significance of preserving a solid brand identity must be addressed in fields where consumers are likelier to do business with established firms.

ProInvoice is mobile-responsive, so your clients can access their invoices and make payments from any mobile device.

One of the many fantastic aspects of ProInvoice. The capacity to make and receive transactions while on the go is what we mean when discussing accessibility.

Because of this, the ProInvoice template is a great asset to any business that needs to deliver invoices to customers quickly and easily. Because of this function, users may focus on growing their companies.

ProInvoice’s prices have recently been split into two tiers. The post was created when the basic plan was provided free of charge and with suitable choices.

With the standard plan, your business will have greater flexibility and monthly savings for only a small token. 

Zoho Invoice 

Zoho Invoice is another top invoice template and online billing software created with small businesses in mind.

In addition to invoicing, time tracking, cost management, and payment processing, it also allows users to accept online payments.

Users of Zoho Invoice have access to several helpful features, including the ability to send personalized thank-you cards to customers, set up automated payment reminders, and more.

Integrating with other Zoho apps like Zoho Books and Zoho CRM makes Zoho Invoice a more powerful tool for managing your business.

The commercial versions of Zoho Invoice include features like multi-currency support, recurring invoices, and sophisticated reporting that aren’t available in the free version.

You may get paid quickly and securely using one of the many payment methods supported by the program, such as PayPal or Stripe.  


If you’re looking for an online invoicing solution like Zoho, invoice that allows you to manage your clients and keep tabs on your expenditures, check out InvoiceBerry.

InvoiceBerry is one of the top invoice templates that allows its users to send automated payment reminders, accept online payments, and create invoices and estimates using customizable templates.

The program’s mobile app and user-friendly GUI enable handling billing and client relationships from anywhere.

You may choose between a free and a paid InvoiceBerry membership; the paid version adds features like recurring invoices, multiple currency support, and custom branding (where you can use your company name and logo). 


Wave is a free software application for creating invoices, and it enables users to personalize their invoice templates and collect payments online.

It also has a receipt scanning function, which makes it simple to keep track of spending and remain organized. 


FreshBooks shares similarities with other templates on this list because it offers customizable templates and online payments.

In addition, FreshBooks features time-tracking tools and expense tracking, making it a great all-in-one solution for small businesses. 


Invoice templates are a more practical option for creating your invoices from scratch. So, knowing what top invoice templates to use helps in giving you a good head start in your invoicing journey.

Therefore, including information about the company, the goods or services provided, and clearly stated payment terms makes your invoice more professional.

If you would like to create invoices quickly, try our user-friendly, practical, and reasonably-priced invoice generator.

ProInvoice helps you personalize invoices with a corporate logo, track quotations with payment reminders, and much more to ensure you are consistently paid on time.

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