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Journal Entry: Where Should Invoice Be Recorded? 

Where Should Invoice Be Recorded? 

In today’s article we shall be delving into the definition, uses of Journal entry and answer the question Where Should Invoice Be Recorded?  You already know how important an invoice is in your business, without an invoice you won’t receive payment for your goods and services. Since we agree on this fact, where should you keep record […]

Overdue invoice: How to Create Invoices That Get Paid on Time

How to Create Invoices That Get Paid on Time

Worried about not getting paid or how to create invoices that get paid on time? Welcome to the ultimate guide on handling overdue invoice and creating professional invoices that get paid on time! Because invoicing is a crucial part of your business workflow, sending out professional invoices can make all the difference in getting paid […]

Can You Send Someone An Invoice Without A Contract? 

Invoice Without A Contract? 

Depending on your location, small business owners may not be able to invoice without a contract and understanding the intricacies of invoicing and contractual agreements is essential in business transactions. In this article, we will try to answer that nagging question for entrepreneurs just starting their journey. An invoice on its own is not a […]

What Is The Easiest Way To Invoice?

easiest way to invoice, Vector of a PC screen and two team mates

Are you tired of complicated and time-consuming invoicing processes? If you’re seeking the easiest way to invoice, look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the realm of invoicing solutions, unveiling the ideal approach to streamline your business finances effortlessly. Long before the first rocket made a grand entrance into the earth’s […]

5 Invoicing Tips for Small Business Owners to Streamline Their Finances

invoicing tips for small business, entrepreneur holding invoice and data documents with a smile

If you own a small business, we hope that you will the invoicing tips valuable to help you streamline your business finances. An invoice is one of the important parts of a business, as it plays a significant role in the cash flow of your company, shows a positive image of your company, and also […]

The Ultimate Guide to Invoicing for Freelancers

invoicing for freelancers, man using calculator to crunch some numbers

Invoicing for freelancers is like fish to water. As a freelancer, invoicing is an essential aspect of your business. Not only does it ensure that you get paid for your hard work, but it also helps you keep track of your earnings and maintain a professional image. However, creating and sending invoices can be time-consuming […]

Is an invoice a bill? 

is an invoice a bill, vector showing documents coming out of a PC

Before we answer the question, ”is an invoice a bill/”, let’s define the terms to begin with. The words “invoice” and “Bill” could be similar depending on the perspectives we choose to analyse them. But in deep understanding, they may be different from what you think. Both words, invoice and bill, contain information about the […]

Processing An Invoice: What Comes After Invoicing? 

processing an invoice, accountant going through an invoice before sending

Before we delve into talking about processing an invoice and other fine details in the process, we need to talk about invoicing in itself. Invoicing is an important part of accounting and financial management for businesses, as it helps to ensure timely payment for goods and services provided. So, it will be helpful to understand what […]

Can I Download Excel Templates?

excel templates, excel invoice printed out by user

Excel template sheets are predesigned spreadsheets that are designed to save time and increase work productivity. There are several Excel templates available online for use by everyone, the templates help provide a structure for data entry and analysis. The templates can be downloaded easily and are available for free or for purchase online and can […]

How To Write A Simple Invoice? 

write a simple invoice, mobile invoice screen of ProInvoice user

So, a client just placed an order and now you’re wondering, “how do I write a simple invoice?” If you’re a business owner in this situation, our article can provide some clarity. When writing a simple invoice, there is some basic information you must add. Those things are – your company logo/name (or letterhead), the […]