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What Is The Easiest Way To Invoice?

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Are you tired of complicated and time-consuming invoicing processes? If you’re seeking the easiest way to invoice, look no further!

In this article, we will guide you through the realm of invoicing solutions, unveiling the ideal approach to streamline your business finances effortlessly.

Long before the first rocket made a grand entrance into the earth’s orbit and the first few horse carriages finally became self-sustaining engines, invoicing or as it was called back then, purchasing receipts had always been a part of the business process.

For small businesses, navigating the complex word of acquiring and keeping clients can sometimes be a little overwhelming, because trying to keep a professional front for your business in today’s world can be the difference between you playing in the big leagues or sitting inactive in the bleachers.

Invoicing, simply explained is tendering documentation to verify or substantiate a sale.

Invoicing can be as a result of any of these scenarios; a business reaches out to you about a possible purchase and while you are excited about such a prospect, they without warning ask you to provide them with something called an invoice, to kick start the next step of the business.

If you an average Small and medium business owner in Nigeria, learning the ropes quietly and not very conversant with the ways of doing business in the 21st century, you might probably freak out at that request and start to scramble in confusion on how to create one.

Or scenario two, your business is done with the aforementioned client and as you start to walk away triumphantly into the sunset, the client asks for an invoice to seal the sale;and you freak out again.

At this juncture am sure you’re asking already, what’s the easiest way to invoice? We’ll do you one better, we’ll tell you the two main ways to invoice; they are, the hard way and the easy way. 


1. Creating a Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can allow you create a simple version of an invoicing template, using popular spreadsheet programmes like Google sheets or Microsoft Excel; but that’s categorised under the hard way because as much as it is readily available; invoicing with spreadsheet programmes will require you to manually input the required information like invoice number, Company name, list of items, item description, etc. into every invoice document you send out.

And because every invoice should have roughly the same information so as to be regarded as effective and consistent, you need to manually track the invoice numbers and item listing each time to stay up-to-date with what already went out and what’s pending. Tedious, right? We think so too. 

2. Using a template

There are thousands of online invoicing tools across the web, such as Sage, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks, and what they all offer is pre-designed templates that you can maybe customize into an invoice by adding details like your company’s logo, payment terms, and other important details.

Your task, howbeit repetitive, would be to again fill in the blank spaces with the required and appropriate information, and the invoice is ready to be sent out.

Like we said about the first way, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The process is repetitive and can be manually exhausting, requiring some manpower input. 


Using an invoicing platform

There are hundreds of invoicing platforms on the web today that claim to offer easy-to-use invoicing solutions to creating and sending professional invoices on the go.

One such platform is Pro-Invoice invoicing platform that allows businesses of all kinds to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily without the hassle of manually listing repetitive items. 


Proinvoice has an array of easy-to-use features that guarantees business growth, and helps you easily improve your brand using its professional invoicing software with amazing features that allows you receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Here’s why we think Proinvoice is an easy way to to invoice and should be used by countless businesses today.

1. The Proinvoice platform allows features like registration of Multiple Businesses and Team Members, providing them with access across departments and teams structures.

2. The platform also provides seamless online Payments across varying payment methods of choice, so you can be guaranteed that your paid funds are in your bank account within 24 hours without any story.

3. Then there’s the ability to track Invoices and payments, helping you stay organised.

Now you can easily track invoices & payments from small businesses and freelancers, all the way up to large companies, without letting anything fall through the cracks.

4. One of the reasons why Proinvoice sits high in the invoicing hierarchy is it’s unique financial reporting dashboard that gives you a 360 overview of your expenses and income, all in one place.

This fancy tool allows you control your monthly budget, stay on track and easily reach your financial goals.

5. Additional features that makes Proinvoice stand out are: Estimate & receipts feature that enables you send quotes to your prospective customers or clients.

This allows you show your customers or clients in detail the breakdown of what you expect to charge them if and when they decide to work with you.

Then there’s the payment reminder feature that allows you send automated reminders when recurring payments are due; automate recurring invoices in the process without having to create them again from the scratch.

Don’t forget that Proinvoice allows you to manage your business in different currencies. offering the most advanced, secure and scalable method for anyone, regardless of size to send invoice in different currencies.

Did we tell you that Proinvoice is easily customizable to suit brand preference? It is, and it’s also affordable and won’t break the bank, because the plans have been carefully-considered to include the budget of small and medium businesses.

So now that you know the easiest way to invoice, the next step is to try it out ( there’s a free version to test-run with) and your business will be the better for it.

With the growing expectations that come with doing business in the 21st century, a tool that helps you get work done easily should not only be a consideration, it should be a must have.  

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