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How do I create an invoice template?

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We are in a busy world where you don’t have time to start creating or making invoices, so whats the quickest way to create an invoice template for your business and still get things done in no time?

If those questions have ever crossed your mind as an entrepreneur, you are not alone. We would try to deep dive into the answers in this article.

An invoice template is a customisable template that you may use to invoice your customers on a regular basis.

A free invoice template simplifies your work life by allowing you to be paid faster, saving you time, and boosting your productivity.

After all, what matters most is that you can provide high-quality work to your customers while still being paid for your services.

Working on having all of your accounting information in order is demanding and that takes your attention away from the vital things.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners require as much time as possible to focus on keeping their businesses functioning while also offering useful services that deserve to be paid properly and on time.

Tax computations or complicated time tracking procedures are unnecessary time wasters.

With the help of the basic invoice template, your business will be well on its way to issuing professional invoices in no time.

It is essential to be aware of the items that should be included in your invoice, as well as how to display them correctly so that your customer understands the invoice and pays it on time.

Thankfully, with effective online invoicing software, making the right invoice is simple.

Invoice templates allow you to customize the appearance of your invoices. When creating an invoice template, you need to: 

  • Click the business name, then select Settings
  • Click Invoice settings
  • Click New Branding Theme
  • Enter a name to help identify the theme. 
  • Adjust the options as needed to customise your invoice’s appearance or to show additional fields. If you want your business’s tax number to show on your invoices, select the Show tax number You can also enter your contact details and invoice or quote terms. 
  • Click Save

There are various methods for creating an invoice. Many businesses create invoices from scratch or from a specific set of pre-installed templates using a document creation app like Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet.

Other businesses use online invoice templates. But, as the business expands, these manual invoice production techniques may become difficult, and specialist invoicing software can assist to expedite the entire process.

Invoicing software allows you to produce excellent invoice templates in business thereby reducing the risk of human mistake dramatically.

It only takes a few clicks using effective online invoicing software to issue invoices online in seconds and collect payments instantly.

It allows your clients to choose their chosen currency and language, making your company’s entry into the worldwide marketplace much easier.

Overall, online invoicing software has lots to offer, from assuring proper billing to giving favorable brand feedback.

In this article, we will understand; Which file format should an invoice be sent in, the main features of an invoice template and the pros and cons of word and excel invoice templates. Let’s dive in. 

How to create an invoice template 

1. Which file format should an invoice be sent in? 

Your printable invoice template is available in the following file formats: Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Whatever format is preferable depending on the event for which you are using it. 

a. Word invoice template 

When your major focus in the invoice creation process is having alternatives, choose a Microsoft Word template.

Word is well-known for its ability to create invoices, as well as other types of documents and assessments.

Add bright images and change the colors and fonts of your blank invoice template to make it uniquely yours. 

b. Invoice template in Excel 

If you have several detailed rows of supplied services and need to automatically calculate totals, an Excel invoice template is excellent. Owing to Excel’s formulas, this operation becomes simple. 

c. Invoice template in PDF 

By providing PDF invoices to your clients, you may improve your professional reputation and dependability. This Portable Document Format allows you to submit invoices in their original format, even after they have been converted to PDF. PDFs are also quite secure.

They may be password-protected, and any modification to your invoice leaves an electronic record. 

2. Features of an invoice template 

Always maintain a professional appearance by including: 

  • Your business’s information (name, logo, email address, phone number) 
  • Information about your customer (name, email address) 
  • The invoice numbers 
  • Sent and due dates 
  • Payment conditions or notes 
  • Rows with items for your job description 
  • Applicable tax and discount information 

3. The pros and cons of Word and Excel invoice templates 

We may now move on to specifics after covering the most significant aspect of an invoice template. What are the key differences between Word and Excel for preparing invoices for your business.

To be honest, there aren’t many differences between invoices made in Word and those created in Excel, but there are a few that stand out, so let’s have a look: 

Benefits of using an Excel invoice template 

The major advantage of using Excel to make invoices is that because Excel is built for complicated spreadsheets, functions, and algorithms, computations for total amounts may be set up to happen automatically. 

Disadvantages of an Excel invoice template 

One of the disadvantages of Excel is that it is a highly sophisticated tool that takes more than a little skill and knowledge to understand. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using a Word invoice template 

As a result, an invoice template in Word is considerably more approachable and manageable. It lacks, however, the automatic calculation features that make Excel invoice templates so appealing. 

A better invoicing solution? 

When it comes to generating and transmitting invoices, thankfully, we now have intelligent life that extends well beyond the limits of Word and Excel.

One whose only objective is to simplify and accelerate the invoicing process, eliminating the need for tedious numbers or complex Excel formulas.

Why go through stress in the invoicing process by using Word or Excel invoice templates when you have more essential things to do in operating your business with better, faster, easier options.

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