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Can I create a Simple invoice template in Word?

Simple invoice template in word, vector image of woman using her shoulder to hold a phone close to her ears

For most businesses, creating a simple invoice template in word is a quick option when placed on the spot and are in a hurry to get their money out. Invoicing is a necessary evil for businesses of all sizes, but creating invoices from scratch can be a laborious and error-prone process. With the aid of […]

Is an invoice a receipt?

Is an invoice a receipt, vector of a woman looking at a mobile receipt

Is an invoice a receipt? How well can you differentiated both documents? You have probably heard of the words “invoice” and “receipt” as a company owner. The distinction between these texts is not always obvious, though. Receipts and invoices are both provided throughout the sales process, although they serve distinct purposes. What invoices and receipts […]

How Do I Process An Invoice In Excel?

invoice in excel, woman looking at her Desktop and PC screens

In this article, ”how do i process an invoice in excel?” you will be learning the very simple steps for processing an invoice to send to your clients using the excel worksheet. It’s just a 10 minute read. Have fun learning! Invoicing has now become a tradition amongst businesses due to its good benefits. If […]

Can I Issue An Invoice As A Freelancer?

invoice as a freelancer, woman on her PC smiling

Issuing an invoice as a freelancer is no longer such a big deal as most businesses now outsource some of their task to freelancers to help with. Freelancing has become a huge deal now. But just like the normal established businesses, freelancing also faces the challenges of not getting early payments by clients after tasks […]

Easy Ways For Anyone To Create An Invoice 

create an invoice, man working from home

Gone are the days when you had to deal with manual invoices, with technology anyone can now digitally create an invoice.  An invoice is a record that lists the things that were purchased together with other crucial details like the shipment weight and the delivery cost. It is a legally binding contract between a company […]

How do I create an invoice template?

create an invoice template, business woman swiping card on a machine

We are in a busy world where you don’t have time to start creating or making invoices, so whats the quickest way to create an invoice template for your business and still get things done in no time? If those questions have ever crossed your mind as an entrepreneur, you are not alone. We would […]

5 Invoice Errors You Must Avoid

invoice errors, hand writing on an invoice document

Are you new to invoicing? do you know the top invoice errors you should never make? Read on to get acquainted to the different invoice errors and how to avoid them. An invoice is a document issued to a buyer by a seller, with detailed transactions of the products involved, description, and quantity of products. […]

Invoice automation: How do I automate my Invoices?

invoice automation, busy business owner on a mobile phone and tablet

Invoice automation is a major game changer any serious invoicing software should have and in this article we shall be deep diving into how you can do that with ease using not just any application or invoice generator but the very efficient ProInvoice invoice generator. How do you feel when you have to tell someone a […]