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 Step-by-Step Guide On How To Make An Invoice On your Phone 

Man excited because you can now make an invoice on your phone

For busy professionals or business owners, the question of how to make an invoice on your phone would be something one has to deal with especially in a situation where you are caught between attending a meeting and send an invoice to a client who needs that invoice as soon as possible.

What do you do? How do you do this quickly to ensure that your funds are paid on time. Herein lies the challenge and that is why we are going to be delving into quick and easy ways to get this sorted on the go. 

How To Make An Invoice On Your Phone? 

Invoices are receipts that help you record the costs of products. You can also use it to bill clients if you provide services.

One more use of an invoice is that it helps you monitor your income and expenses as an individual and a business.

You can keep track of your records with invoices and use them to exchange vital business information with clients and colleagues.

If you own a business or freelance, there is a good chance you are conversant with the stress of creating and managing your invoices.

After all, the only way to communicate your fees to your clients as a freelancer is by invoices, as word of mouth can be a weapon against you. That tells you how important it is to get an invoicing solution. 

Choosing an Invoice Solution 

Making an invoice should be pretty simple. It should be so simple that you can get it done from just about any device available, and you do not need to do any extra work after downloading the invoice.

While some invoices might cost you some money to get, you are good to go as long as it does not take too much out of your bottom line.

Choosing an invoicing solution demands a lot. That is because the one you choose must be a solution that aligns with your business’s goals, visions, and operations.

That is needed to avoid inhibitions or errors when using the solution.

However, in choosing an invoicing solution, one thing is sure; the best invoicing solution might not be free. Read on to learn how to make an invoice on your phone.

How to Make A Digital Invoice 

Creating an invoice should be simple; it is just an invoice anyways. However, many factors can warrant how an invoice can be made more complex, ranging from personal needs and preferences to company rules.

The first fact still stands; a straightforward invoicing solution will always be more attractive than a complex one.

While there are many options, ProInvoice has one of the easiest and fastest processes for invoice creation. Here is a not-so-short guide on how to make an invoice on your phone on ProInvoice.

This is a step-by-step process, so you do not miss any step. You can also use this step for other invoicing solutions; however, they might not be as straightforward as ProInvoice: 

  • Sign up or Log in to your ProInvoice account. Ensure you keep your password somewhere safe! 
  • The homepage is usually the dashboard section. Click the “Invoices” section to start creating a new invoice. 
  • You can import your company logo to show professionalism. Note that the logo must not exceed ten megabytes and should be in jpeg or jpg format. 
  • Name the invoice as you see fit. You can use a number here, and subsequent invoices can follow this order. 
  • Choose a contact. All contacts can be saved in the app under the separate section “Contact.” 
  • After choosing a contact, add the purchase order number. This figure depends on the agreement between you and the client and the type and name of the product. Note that this is optional, which means you can decide not to fill it out. If you have to, then define its use. 
  • Fill in the summary. That should contain certain agreement details as agreed with the client. 
  • In the next section, fill in the boxes. Put in the item’s name – the phrase that best describes it. It could be a product name or number, and if it’s a service, you can add the name of the service in understandable terms. Put in the quantity of the product or service under “Quantity,” input the unit price of the product or service, and put in the discount (if any). The in-built software calculates the total value automatically. 
  • The bin button helps you delete unwanted orders. You can add more items to the invoice by clicking “Add New.” 
  • The app automatically calculates the total under the “Sub Total.” Below this icon, you can add the V.A.T. figure if needed. Your actual total is calculated after this. 
  • After the total, add the due date. That is very important on invoices as it helps you with dates for record purposes. 
  • You can choose the currency when opening the account, but in this section, you can change it under “Currency.” 
  • In the “footer note” box, you will add details such as bank details, outline your payment terms, highlight your return policy, and add a personal note for good measure. You can edit it according to your preference with the edit bar. For example, if you need to emphasize a word (or multiple words), you can increase its size or make it bold. 

So, there is your invoice. With ProInvoice, your client gets a copy in their mail. You can do this by clicking the “Send Invoice” button.

You can also send it to the client’s WhatsApp or Facebook account. This can be done by clicking the “Share button.” 

Choosing a Free Invoicing Solution 

You must know that no matter the invoicing solution or app you choose, you believe that that app or solution will do what you want without fail.

That is why free invoicing apps are recommended for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, who do not have complex needs regarding invoices.

If your needs are expanding by the day, go for an invoicing solution with many features, even if you need to pay to unlock the necessary features. 

Go Pro in Your Invoicing with ProInvoice 

ProInvoice is a good invoicing solution for you. It offers basic invoicing options, and if you need to go complex, you can pay for it and continue invoicing without a hitch.

And suppose you think your business needs a process more extensive than the usual invoicing. In that case, you need an accountant, maybe a chartered accountant, depending on the workload and the specificity of the job to be done.

Regardless of the work to be done, know that you need to monitor expenses and income in your personal life and business.

Not monitoring issues could put you in debt or run you out of business. Use ProInvoice and solve all your invoicing problems today. Contact us at help@proinvoice.co to get started.   

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