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4 Best Free Invoice Generators for Small Business Owners in 2023

Man using one of the 4 Best Free Invoice Generators for invoicing

In this article, we would be looking at the best free invoice generators for small business owners in 2023.

As everyone is aware, Invoicing has evolved over the years as technology has taken over everything in the sphere of this life as the financial sector is not left out.

Using these best free invoice generators is pivotal as it plays a significant role in avoiding losses, overdue payments, and many more advantages.

These invoice generators also come with disadvantages that may include: the appearance of invoices in spam folders, limited access to free service subscriptions, and offline appearance in the absence of the Internet.

There are many Invoicing software that generates invoices to create ease and efficiency.

Though not all them helps you generate a free invoice as some of this Invoicing software charges you a small token, while some offer you a trial version and then later upgrade to a premium.

Some of the best free invoice generators that helps you generate invoices will be listed and explained. Also, their flaws and their strength will be apprehended. Some of these invoicing tools are: 

  • Proinvoice generator: Overall best of all the invoice generators in all ramifications 
  • Wave invoicing software: Good for easy access 
  • Zoho invoice generator: For clarity of the interface 
  • PayPal invoicing tool: Best for business entities using Paypal 

These are a few invoice generator software that offers free service to business entities as they are mentioned in the hierarchy on how they have an edge over one another. 

Pros and cons of using the 4 best free invoice generators 

1. Proinvoice Invoice Generator 

ProInvoice invoice generator is one of the best free invoicing software with many features that some of the other invoice generators lack. It is preferable because its features can be tweaked to fit with any kind of business. 

Pros of Using Proinvoice 

Since its launch, ProInvoice has continued to unveil new features that help small businesses stay on top of their invoicing game.

As one of the best free invoice generators, Proinvoice comes with advantages that make it exceptional and efficient, some of the pros of using a ProInvoice free invoice generator some of these advantages are: 

  • Allow you to gain access to multiple businesses 
  • Allow you to add unlimited client 
  • Make you send unlimited invoices 
  • Allow you to receive online payment 
  • Generate invoice for you in a short period 
  • Gives you the choice to generate an invoice in Word format or Excel format. 
  • Allow you to see your reports 

These are a few pros of using Proinvoice, as they are enormous; the few highlighted above are enough to make your invoice look exceptional. 

Cons of Using Proinvoice 

In using a free invoice generator, the disadvantages must count no matter how unnoticed they appear. ProInvoice invoice generating software has some disadvantages that include: 

  • Free service will not allow you to get access to team members 
  • Free service with Proinvoice will not allow you to get access to the recurring invoice 
  • There will still be a watermark on ProInvoice if you use the free service 
  • You will be deprived of access to automated reminders 
  • You will not have access to multiple currencies while on a free plan. 

These are a few cons of using the free service of ProInvoice. Although not any company wants the cons like having the watermark of ProInvoice in their generated invoice, or lack of access to reminders, which to some extent shows unprofessionalism of your business. 

2. Wave Invoicing Software 

Waves have a cloud-based software that helps you keep track of your financial information, which may include taxes and bookkeeping.

The free service offered by waves invoice generator can be used by small business organizations and freelancers, as some highly reputable business entities will choose to switch to premium service to get access to full packages offered by waves invoice generator. 

Pros of Waves Free Invoice Generator 

Wave’s free Invoice generator is good for business startups and freelancers. With nice invoicing templates and multiple payment options, it is superb for a free invoice generator.

It is important to know the pros of Wave free invoice generators, these pros include: 

  • It comes with no monthly fee or start-up fee 
  • Access to unlimited users 
  • You can receive an instant update on invoicing 
  • Metric analysis feature 

There are many features of using Wave free invoice generator but the few highlighted above are enough to give you insight.

Cons of Using Wave Free Invoice Generator 

Using Wave free invoice generator is highly beneficial but also comes with cons that serve as a barrier for big business organizations to use the free service.

Some of the cons of using free waves invoice generator include:

Accessing customer support is limited Fragility in time tracking Issues involving incoherent time difference is difficult to resolve with bank.

Wave’s free invoice generator is a good tool to capitalize on despite having a few flaws that may be a little setback in preparing an invoice. 

3. Zoho Invoice Generator 

Zoho invoice generator is one of the best free invoice generators on the list.

Having amazing features that make it an edge over many invoice generators out there, despite the fact of having stunning advantages, Zoho invoice generator comes with cons that don’t reflect that much. 

Pros of Using Zoho Free Invoice Generator 

The advantage that Zoho’s free invoice generators have is what makes them stand out. It has great features that will enable you to customize your email.

Some of the pros of using Zoho free invoice generator include: 

  • It helps you to integrate with other Zoho applications like Zoho analytics, to help get access easily 
  • You can invoice as many clients as you want 
  • Help you generate stunning customizable templates 
  • Help you with a reminder 
  • Ability to transact in multiple currencies 

These are a few pros of using Zoho free invoicing software, as Zoho free invoice generators have many features that are worth trying. 

Cons of Using Zoho Free Invoice Generator 

Zoho free invoice generator does not have many disadvantages as it barely reflects.

The complexity of using Zoho’s free invoice generator mainly arises from trying to access it through a mobile phone. Some of the cons include: 

  • Editing Invoices cannot be done on mobile phone application 
  • Using features that are extensive makes Zoho’s free invoice generator very tedious to use 
  • 1,000 invoices are allowed per year to be generated 

These are a few cons that may make Zoho free invoice generator tedious to use, but overall Zoho free invoice generator is a great tool for generating the free invoice. 

4. PayPal Free Invoice Generator 

A PayPal invoicing tool is also a great tool for generating invoices, especially for PayPal users, it is easy like a plug-and-play device, where it is straightforward to put the name of your customer, the pricing, contact information, and many more. 

Pros of Using PayPal Free Invoice Generator 

The PayPal free invoice generator has many advantages, especially for business startups and freelancers that accept PayPal as their mode of payment. Some of these advantages include: 

  • PayPal free invoice generator allows Google Sheets integration 
  • Allows you to integrate customers into MailChimp 

These are a few pros of using PayPal’s free invoice generators. There are many more that PayPal free invoice generators can offer. 

Cons of Using PayPal Free Invoice Generator 

PayPal free invoice generator doesn’t come with full packages.# Some of the cons of using PayPal free invoice generator include: 

  • Inability to track the timing 
  • Partial access to the client’s profile 

Overall PayPal is a good invoice generator but not the best of all as it has many setbacks that could hamper a professional business entity from using it.

Final Thoughts

Free invoice generators have over the years changed the cause of struggle in generating an automatic invoice, as competition soars, so many Invoice generating software continue to add features that will please users.

It is important to choose a very good invoicing software to make your business look professional.

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