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Should Invoices Be PDF Or Word: Which format is Best?

invoices be PDF or word, business owner using a word printed invoice

Wondering what format of invoice you should send or should invoices be PDF or word? Invoices are a very crucial piece of information when it comes to business.

Keeping track of a payment process is a vital part of any business, and creating an invoice is an ideal way to get it done.

Invoices are legal documents containing the services or products offered to a client with details of the payment conditions. T

hese conditions may include the amount due for payment, the due date, and the preferred payment method.

Invoices are used to request payment from your clients after the delivery of goods or services. It is safe to say it is an easy and polite way to demand payment for a successful job. 

Should Invoices Be PDF or Word? 

Using a Word format is undoubtedly more convenient for creating an invoice.

However, if you seek to add a touch of professionalism to your document, then using a PDF is your best bet.

Sending your invoice as a PDF is a sure way to ensure your clients get the information you want to pass just how you want them to. 

What Are The Differences Between PDF and Word Invoices? 

While it may seem like there isn’t much difference , “it’s passing the information across to the client that matters”.

It will intrigue you to know that how you pass that information also goes a long way in giving the right impression to your clients.

Here are a few contrasts between PDF and Word invoice 

  • PDFs can be supported on any device and maintain their original design, format, and layout. However, a word can change its format depending on the device used. 
  • Unlike Word format invoices which may not be supported on operating systems, PDF invoices can be opened and viewed on whatever platform and don’t require a particular operating system or software program. 
  • Invoices are as important as money and should give no room for leaks. A PDF is the safest way to ensure the invoices are not tampered with. 

Overall, using PDF invoices over Word gives your work a professional outlook. Sign up on Proinvoice to use our invoicing software for business owners to create professional invoices. 

When Should You Use Word vs PDF Invoice? 

While using a PDF invoice may be your best bet, it is okay to use a Word invoice. However, using the word invoice, you can easily create an invoice using a template.

There are different styles of invoice templates in Word. You can carefully review and decide the best suits your business.

The Word format is ideal if your invoice is a work in progress or is still undergoing some edits. But if you know every detail entered in your invoice, PDF is a preferred option for viewing and sharing documents.

Sharing your invoice in PDF will ensure the details are secured.

Also, If you aim for a high-quality print job with a precise layout and high-resolution images, then PDF is your best bet.

A PDF invoice ensures that your documents are high resolution and produce a

‘What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) file.

This ensures that you get a hard copy of whatever you created on your screen; this way, your invoice maintains its exact appearance.

Which is Best To Send via Email, Pdf or Word invoice? 

Sending your invoice via email is one of the most efficient business practices you can indulge in as a business owner.

It is fast and easy to carry out.

With the high rate of Internet fraud, sending helpful information about yourself or your business via the Internet is very risky.

Your email can be breached, and your document can be tampered with.

With this in mind, sending your invoice in the form of a PDF is preferable if you’re sending it via email.

You can send a password-protected PDF file to your client and communicate the password to the client in a secure way.

This way, you can ensure that no one except your client gets the content of your email. 

How To Correct Errors In a PDF Invoice 

Spotting errors in your PDF invoice after creating it can be unfortunate. The thought of having to start afresh can be draining too.

But you no longer have to get yourself worked up overwriting a new invoice because, with the right tools, you can correct those errors and move ahead with your invoice.

There are many reasons why you may want to correct or edit your invoice; it doesn’t have to be in cases of mistakes only.

If you need to send an invoice to a new client, you do not have to create a new invoice from scratch. All you have to do is edit an old one, filling in the further details.

You’ll need a PDF editor to edit or correct errors in your PDF invoice. There are quite a number of them. You can search the internet and download whichever suits your preference. 

Create a Professional Invoice for your Business with Proinvoice Software 

An invoice is an important document for tracking payment and financial record keeping for business.

Although there are different formats and types of invoices, it’s best to send your invoice as a PDF file.

Many invoice software provide this feature so it’s easy. For example, when reporting your invoice on Proinvoice software, you can choose to download it in PDF format.

This format protects the information from tampering and ensures that it displays correctly when the client views it.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of an invoice and its ease to your business, you may still wonder,

“How do I create a professional invoice?”

With ProInvoice, you can create and send professional invoices with automatic reminders to your clients for prompt payment.

With its three-step process, you can be sure to get a standard invoice for your business.

All you have to do is log on to the website to sign up for free, create your invoice and send it to your client via email or any social media platform.

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